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More about Choysez

The aim of the service is to support young people in Northumberland and the surrounding areas who have been excluded from or struggle in the education system. Choysez offers an alternative to mainstream education by providing an inspiring mix of indoor and outdoor activities as well as a variety of recognised qualifications and accredited courses.

About Choysez

Choysez provides a framework that seeks both to build young people’s confidence and prepare them either to return to school or enter into the job market. We aim to raise their aspirations by giving them important social and employable skills and by offering guidance on life Choices.

By believing in young people we teach them to believe in themselves.

Some quotes about us from our young people:

"you can really talk to the staff." "People listen to me."
"I’m happier here."
"Without Choysez I would be spending my time getting in to trouble."
"It’s really fun."
"If you give things a chance then people will give you a chance."
"When you leave school it’s about how you do and who you are that counts."